Monday, January 07, 2013


Good read

The continuing success of fourculture magazine thrills me to the bone, where, incidentally, all of my best thrills generate. This unique online magazine has style, class, visual delight and, of course, me.

Young and old have been parading about enjoying my brand of fiction since the Internet began but this particular theater is by and large the most colorful of them all.

My latest contribution can be read here:

Then you can flip through the magazine with your cursor and read the other contents, which strike chords for all who cherish contemporary pop culture.

I endorse fourculture on many levels and remind you that you should, too. Print periodicals are disappearing but how news, information and entertainment are delivered is rapidly making more available copy. So fret not and support the efforts of the fabulous staff of fourculture, led by The Artist D.

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