Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Schedule change in the wake (loose) of Mexican freedom celebration

For a number of reasons, none of which will be revealed here, the May 5 edition of our show will be a re-broadcast of a show. SRN One's top dog Phil Hong (pictured above in deep study and calculation) will man the Green Room, as Restless Johnny Wakeloose is undergoing oral surgery, making his mouth inoperable, which is a contradiction, just like the man himself.

As far as anyone can tell, and who can tell anyone anything, the show will return on May 12 with a live version and maybe a guest and perhaps a special announcement prepared by a staff member who is in charge of special announcments.On May 12, however, SRN One's Phil Hong (pictured above fiddling with academia and a cheap looseleaf pad) will return to his usual tasks.

Those of you concerned with the condition of Resteless Johnny Wakeloose should gather in Kewick by the famous tree on May 5 and remember that Johnny is one-sixteenth Mexican, making the day an official holiday. Cinco de Mayo, as they call it in their language in Mexico, is taken seriously, as it should be, by people whose relatives fought for freedom from Spain, including the right to alter Spanish recipes. Johnny had such relatives, though no records exist.

If you have questions or inquiries about the situation on May 5, please write to Phil Hong (pictured) at SRN One.

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