Saturday, June 05, 2010


The book of ages

What people are saying about Molotov Memoirs ...

"More people, every day, are wondering why this book is not in their hands, so they buy it." --Ness Wilbarn
"No two books are entirely alike and this one is certainly different," --Polly McScintath
"I bought one for me, one for my husband, two for my parents and go cat go." --Cathy Cinderblock
"It's better than a hot tuna sandwitch." --Uri Bagdonovich
"In the scheme of things, this book means litte. But in the scheme of things, the scheme of things matter little, too." --Dr. Orin Scale

Buy your copy today and then buy the copies you want for other people. Remember that the author has done nothing to better mankind and that is all the more reason you should purchase numerous copies. It is time we stop rewarding heroes.

Where do I go to buy this book?
Please post a link!
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