Friday, February 27, 2009


Recovering well

HERSHEY, PA. -- Frank Cotolo, the host and creator of Cotolo Chronicles, is back home safely after a few days and nights in the hospital. Cotolo was rushed to Hershey Medical Center's ER on Feb. 24 with severe gastric pain and was in surgery the next day to correct the problem.

"He came out of it fine," said a spokesperson, "and is recovering at his home in the country."

The Feb. 26 program was a rerun from a few years back. "Affliates should know that there is no new show posted for this week so they can use a rerun or do with the time as they see fit," the spokesperson said. "Next week's show is scheduled live for March fifth."

A doctor at Hershey said Cotolo was cooperative and remained in good humor throughout the trial. "We had heard he was quite a bit to handle but we saw no signs of disrespect or craziness. In fact, even under duress he made some new friends and was quite sociable."

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