Friday, September 19, 2008


Passing the buck in buckaneer

NPR has designated Sept. 19 as Talk Like a Pirate Day.
So did they change their names for today to National Pirate Radio? I doubt it. Fake baloney heads, NPR(which should really be known as National Pretentious Radio). They are the last people to condone piratry, no less a word like "piratry." NPR wouldn't know how to buckle a swash if its telethon depended upon it.
I, of course, won't be talking like a pirate but like an actor who hasplayed a pirate. Therefore, all day I am talking like Errol Flynn (pictured). In fact, maybe I will drink and behave like him too. Yes, let's make Sept. 19 Talk and Behave Like Errol Flynn Day.

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