Monday, April 30, 2007


This week in history

May 6, 2000 – Plans to build a bridge from Freehold, New Jersey, to the moon, are cancelled due to the proposed cost of the project.
April 30, 1993 – More coffee sold in kiosks than ever before in Montreal coffee shoppes; spelling of "shoppes" and naked salespeople contribute as the reasons.
May 1, 1988 – No one in Pennsylvania wears a hat.
May 2, 1988 – Jack Des Colare and Elaine Finish are gunned down in Oregon. Police blame the duo for a multitude of crimes, including the disfiguring of a public bench while senors sat upon it.
May 3, 1996 – Riyadh is declared the capital city of Kansas.
May 4, 1948 – Five grown men become the focus of the nation when they are trapped in a well on a farm in Wisconsin.
May 5, 1849 – People in Spanish-speaking countries begin to call this date "cinco de Mayo."

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