Monday, April 09, 2007


Monday muse

Peals of wisdom are just what the neck of your soul needs as a work week begins and weekend digestion sets into motion. It is a constant request that I post my timely messages of mindful sage-like quality but I often refuse to do so, sighting the strain it takes to type with one finger. Still, now, without the proper sleep and before the hour of restitution, I give you a link:

A link

And there you should go for this Monday's Monday muse.

By the way, the photo of me on the right was taken before my first cup of coffee and before I purchased a new set of frames for my corrective lens. The photo was taken in black and white because at the time I had recovered from my jaundiced condition and did not want to make a politically incorrect visual statement by looking like I was imitating an Oriental, which, in case you did not know, is illegal in five U.S. states and most of Canada.

can I just ask what a oriental witch is, and why is it band ?
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