Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Grow ode with me

The season has changed and the birds are singing all over that part of Earth where spring has sprung (if you are reading this in the southern hemisphere I truly apologize for not recognizing your atmosphere; please read on, because the spirit of what I address here is for everyone experiencing any season).

Love, they say, is in the air come spring. That in itself is enough to make people sing, even if they cannot carry a tune. That may be annoying to those listening, but to the singer the song is sweet and the inspiration defies every musical key signature. So today, I share with you my ode to spring. Click here. Or here. Or here; they all go to the same page.

Keep in mind that the April 5 program, this Thursday, features Bill Crawford, author and culture wizard, to talk about a new book that I personally recommend.

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