Monday, November 20, 2006


Support Clancy's nuts

The Urban Dictionary, a web site with all the info bells and whistles, is a user-generated site. Much like Wikipedia, the Urban Dictionary asks readers and writers to submit slang with the user's definition.

Recently, based on our show's popularity and fervant word-of-mouth potency, we submitted the term "Clancy's nuts." This is what we delivered to the Urban Dictionary:

Clancy's nuts
A phrase meant to be used as a comparison for anything, with or without regard to the image itself. The phrase can be used in a comparison that makes sense to the literal meaning of the image--that is, there is a person named Clancy who has nuts (though "nuts" in itself can be interpreted as many things)--or in an abstraction.

It was raining harder than Clancy's nuts; The sky opened up like Clancy's nuts; I gotta pain that aches like Clancy's nuts; The man was as bald as Clancy's nuts; The woman had more shoes than Clancy's nuts; et al.

The submission was cancelled. Care to send an email to complain? We are addressing them now. You do the same; there should at least be a reason given why the term cannot be added.

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