Friday, July 21, 2006


Stop, look and listen

Make a list of all the other places on the web where you can be "chronicled." Plus, get yourself a hearty dose of rock and roll. Just takes a click and some time to peruse.

You can read Talk, at Blogstream.

You can be entertained by Turk Berain detective tales, essays and other unique approached to literature at the MySpace blog.

You can read my horse racing column, Cotolo Central, through CBS Sportsline.

Friday, July 21 --

At 7 p.m., EST, click here and listen to a new performance by Henry Morgan and The High Grass Boys, recorded live. Click here to order their CD, Hunting.

The show is part of the first time Toronto Experimental Artists' Summer Showcase will be broadcasted on internet radio. Network 1KX and the Media Partner for the Showcase, SRN Mediaworks, is proud to present this yearly event in audio, bringing together some of Canada's best indie groups and melding them into a fine summer's night.

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