Thursday, July 06, 2006


A Costello centennial commemoration

On the July 5 program, we feature Chris Costello, daughter of the late, great Lou Costello. Chris will be talking about, among many things, the release of a terrific DVD in September.

The nature of Abbott and Costello's humor has been a part of the Cotolo Chronicles lexicon since this program began. Those listeners who have been annotating our shows are quick to place the phrases, "He's a pump, pump him, he's a pump," and "Phoenix Hotel!" as references to Abbott and Costello's television show from the early 1950s. And, of course, it has countless times that, mentioned in the crux of conversations, come the names Sid Fields, Hillary Brooke, "Stinky" and"Mike the Cop." On the July 5 show, you will find a way to become more involved with these immortal characters of comedy and, of course, introduce yourselves to them if you are new to the zany world of Abbott and Costello.

Chris is the co-author of Lou's on First, an informative, heartfelt history of her father and his journey to fame as one of America's most influential and successful comedians. Join us for an exclusive conversation with Chris on the 100th anniversary of Lou Costello's birth.

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