Thursday, June 29, 2006


Internet Apocalypse now

A long time ago and far, far away, Cotolo Chronicles broadcasted a warning to all who cherished the freedom of alternative entertainment and education. Back then, before iPods and mass-video streaming over the internet, we were the men on the watchtower, peering onto the horizon. Then, as the summer steam settled on the sands, whammo! The invasion began.

The big-money machine has begun the attack. The internet is under siege. Your freedom to use this theater freely, de-regulated and sans the sub-standards of brick-and-morter media operations is in serious peril. NBC, Sony and Murdoch's Mauraders are aiming and firing. Pardon my prose, but this is now a very serious drama.

On the June 29 live broadcast our voices will be raised against the machine. You had better come to this town meeting and be ready to light a torch and storm the mad-scientist's castle laboratory because the next voice you hear, god forbid, may be the voice telling you, "Shut up and shut down, the internet is off limits from here on out." This could be the fall of the digital empire.

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