Thursday, June 01, 2006


I heard it through the great Vine

On June 1 another exclusive conversation with Laura Legs about everything under the Hollywood sun. Laura is a longtime, tried-and-true friend who continues to live and work in the thick of starland. She is a powerful force with a big company, great talent and more connections than Thomas Edison. And those legs!

Some great anecdotes, untold tales of fame and fortune, news, information, conversation and insubordination live, broadcast through the facilities of SRN ONE.
To listen AM-radio style, dial-up or broadband, just click here.

Check below for all the possibilities to hear the show live and replayed and archived, on your computer or your iPod.

Live on Thursday nights,
Attitude Radio
US Radio X
KJAG Radio
Mondays-Fridays, replays
True Talk Radio
Weeknight early mornings, replays
Network 1KX
KJAG Radio
Fridays, replay
Rant Radio
Saturdays, replay
Flash Radio
Sundays, replay

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