Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Go to the Beck of the line

Glenn Beck is a radio guy expanding into a TV guy. This has happened before. Big-buck broadcast voices try to make the trip from behind the mic to behind the camera. None of it translates.

Now, Glenn Beck has a television show. I've seen it. It's typical, it's run of the mill. Beck is a DJ-turned political voice, which is the lowest form of radio personality. Next up on that list is stand-up comedian-turned sitcom star, but that is a whole 'nother bag of crayons.

The world, no less the broadcasting world, does not need one more evangelist. Glenn, a recovered addict of sorts, now preaches to his choir. Beck, Humphries, Limbaugh, Medved, Drudge, Hannity and O'Reilly (and all the local talk hosts jumping on the conservative-engined bandwagon) are one-trick ponies serving an audience with one-track minds.

It's not that I or any listener craves liberal views or even moderate views. It is that all of these fellows (and the women, like Ingraham and Colter) refuse to entertain, lighten up and back off from their agendas. Empty suits, empty dresses and, moreover, extremely untalented, would-be entertainers.

Yay! Another Talkshow hacks finds a soapbox and a street corner. Its a natural progression I assume in the will to suckceed I guess. DJ, Public Access, Basic Cable show, and later on, to find himself on XM or Sirius with a prerecord between 'cat chat' and 'Pretentious Opinion Show' catering to the hundreds of people whos buttons are stuck and the channel won't change.

More power to him I say. I mean, hey, you only live once, and what better way to get ridiculed and laughed at. I hope his email box is filled with hate mail, reality checks, and the occasional love leter from guests in our great prison system. Thats the beauty about mass media. It's where you will find the greatest audience of people that hate you.

Thanks for the heads up Frank, I'm getting ready to fire my 'ESAD' gun his way..

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