Friday, May 19, 2006


The show must, and will, go on

There was a bug in the kink, a crack in the bug, a glitch in the stitch, so the live feed for our May 18 program tanked. The question as to why this happened remains, at this writing, a mystery within an enigma, wrapped around unidentifiable reasons. We apologize to all of our affiliates that rely on the live, Thursday-evening feeds.

Of course, the show went on without live broadcasting. That program is available any number of places, as an mp3 download and, of course, as an RSS feed. Also, the show airs on our re-broadcast station affiliates and has an unlimited shelf life considering the rebroadcasting schedule of archived programs running at various times daily.

We are investigating the mishap from May 18 and will report anything we discover that could affect future live broadcasts.

Our other page, Cotolo Chronicles at Podomatic, features the May 18 program in various formats now. You can also download the show or capture the feed here or there, as usual. Much of our audience still enjoys the Thursday-evening live broadcasts, which is how the program originated some years back and which is still part of the unique charm of the show (we make no changes from the live show on any rebroadcast file).

If it means changing servers or any other sort of technical reappropriation of the "signal," we are prepared to make the change in order to preserve the atmosphere of the show. Although it sounds "live" anytime anyone listens, according to many testimonials, we want to keep the live broadcasts going, if possible.

One way or the other, see ya next week on the show, see ya earlier here on the blog.

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