Thursday, May 25, 2006


Got live if you want it!

Good news!! Thanks to two affiliate stations (pictured on right is a typical affiliate station power engine), our program goes live again this Thursday night, May 25.

At 9 p.m. EST, you can catch the live version of our program from some updated sources.
For hi-fi, you broadband users can go to Extreme Radio 1077 or just click here to listen.

If you are still on dial-up connections, listen AM-radio style at SRN ONE; just click here.

On May 18, our exclusive reporter/commentator Brock LaRobb returns with his unique insights about unique insights from deep inside Heartland USA. If you like that old guy on 60 Minutes or Jeff on CNN or any of those media characters, listen to Brock only on our program.

Nothing else changes, broadcast-wise. Check below for all the possibilities to hear the show live and replayed and archived, on your computer or your iPod.

Live on Thursday nights,
Attitude Radio
US Radio X
KJAG Radio
Mondays-Fridays, replays
True Talk Radio
Weeknight early mornings, replays
Network 1KX
KJAG Radio
Fridays, replay
Rant Radio
Saturdays, replay
Flash Radio
Sundays, replay

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