Monday, May 15, 2006


Another email scam surfaces

It had to happen. A new email scam has been launched, most likely by those inspired by the defunct Nigerian email and European lottery scams (both which were brought to the attention of the media on our program).

Now we have the alleged Mrs. Sandra Bohiri, a widow of the late, wealthy Casimir Bohiri (killed during the Gulf War), a new Christian convert, "suffering from long time cancer of the breast." She writes that she now lives in Cote d' Ivoire, Africa, and is starting a mission with her inheritance. That is $4.5 million (U.S.) which she says she will give to you. Her email address is and she will transfer the money "in the name of you or your church." She closes the mail by writing, "Lastly, I want you/our brethren in the Lord to be praying for me as regards my entire life and my health."

The jigg is up. Everyone write something, anything, to the above email address. Send your email back with as many CCs as are allowed by your ISP. Flood the box, let "Sandy" know we are aware the deal is a fake. Remember the crazier your email can be, the better. This is how we helped blow the lid off the other scams. Here is a part of my response:

"Sandy, I am so sorry about your cancer but I love the idea of making a few millions off of it. I am glad you contacted me, because I was recently working on a cure for cancer. You can bet I am stopping that project right now. I can start up again when I have your money. But I won't use all of it for my mission, the church or cancer research. I am going to go into the white-slave market business. Yeah, I hear they are short of link chains. I have collected link chains for years and have a warehouse filled with them. With your money I can smuggle tons of link chains to the Middle East..."

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