Friday, April 21, 2006


Until next week ...

Thanks again to Dan Acree for making April 20's episode a great one. The mail is coming in, the verdict is unanimous: Great show.

You can download the mp3 or the RSS to hear it again or for the first time by clicking the links on the side. You can stream it at

Here are a few things you could peruse over the weekend. First, relating to the photo above, check out the hijinx on video by Llori Stein at SpringLoadedChicken. It's over at the 'net's 24/7 theater, YouTube.

Great photos and words of wit and wisdom are complied at There Out There. Look around and learn what is exciting the Chinese people, who have swarmed to this site even when it was illegal to have an internet connection.

Next week's show, April 27, is our annual Kentucky Derby program. Don't stay away because you think you know too little about thoroughbred racing. This is a show for the masses, co-starring veteran sportswriter Dusty Nathan.

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