Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Look who's talking

Some readers have asked me if there have been any recent interviews published that have to do with pop-culture figures. I responded as I always do, saying, "Yes." Then they ask me if I can post some URLs that will guide them to the interviews. So, I do. Here now are some links to a few conversations with pop-culture figures that may have eluded you, or simply gotten away.

Jodie Foster talks about the kinds of characters she likes to portray.

Jack Casady was the bass player for the highly drugged group, The Jefferson Airplane.

Neil Diamond, a mysterious candidate for superstardom, talks about his sadness and success.

Kathleen Turner, Sharon Stone and Madonna on the hopes of Hillary Clinton for President.

Prostitutes in Singapore are young and getting younger, now these girls open up to a reporter on spring break.

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