Monday, April 10, 2006


Inspired writing

Here's another great passage from a long-lost book in our series of inspired writings from books rarely read.

Good morning. You think it is easy being a young, negro girl in the south? Think again. Come to think of it, stop thinking. It ain't easy being a young anything anywhere anymore. Any truth to that? And why do you think you know the truth? Didn't I ask you to stop thinking?

There was a car wreck down on route456 and someone said to me that it weren't no wreck, it was a shooting. A shooting what? I don't understand why people think that they communicate an idea when they don't do that at all. I don't understand why people think in the first place and that goes for no matter how many places there are or might be, you know?

Been sleepin' badly. That means I ain't been sleepin' much at all. You can't sleep badly. You sleep or you are awake, right? So I gotta kink in my consciousness 'cause I ain't been getting into that alpha state. They say you spend two-thirds of your life asleep. Yeah, that's you, but how much do I spend?

All right, it's only Monday and I gotta be heading out to the barn. Of course I gotta build it first, 'cause I ain't got no barn. Man, talk about the blues ...

[Reprinted from After The Hammer Struck The Head, by Torny Scrape, Dunstile Press, 1856]

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