Thursday, April 13, 2006


The impulse-able dream

Impulsion, compulsion and propulsion. What is the difference?

Dr. Gary Popoli returns to our show for another bout of psychological wisdom, which is a phrase some people claim is, in and of itself, self-serving. However, if you would be kind enough to point those people out to me I would be more than happy to pitch in a few bucks for the price of a hitman. However, the April 13 program begins with a topic that is close to the fiber of the lifeblood of our presentations--impulse.

Why is one person's spontaneity another person's descent into self-destruction? Why is self-destruction always descended upon and not risen upon? And how many among us (not amongst, that is hoary English) can spell spontaneity correctly the first time we try?

Studies are linking impulsiveness to higher risks of smoking, drinking, drug abuse, suicide, sexual misbehavior, personality disorders, gambling disorders, orderly disorders, attention deficit disorder and an inability to sing Happy Birthday without crying. So, we will ask Dr. Popoli about this and how it relates to our digital society.

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