Monday, April 03, 2006


Gibb us this day our daily bread

Author Michael Baigent's new book, The Jesus Papers: Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up in History, is just one more theory that claims Jesus Christ was not what his followers say he was. There are also books by other authors: The Secret Supper, Labyrinth, The Templar Legacy and The Last Templar, to name a few. And of course, there is a new interest in a 40-year-old volume called The Passover Plot. Soon, the latest book in this genre will be released, offering another twist to the story of Jesus.

BRISBANE, Australia -- Author Beldar Smitebent says he has iron-clad evidence that his upcoming book, Jesus Christ--Stayin' Alive, proves Jesus of Nazareth didn't just live through the crucifixion and go on to have a family of his own in secret, but that the three brother members of the Bee Gees, the famous pop group, belong to a family that are direct decendants.

"Barry Alan Crompton Gibb, Robin Hugh Gibb and Maurice Ernest Gibb," writes Smitebent, "owe their pop music success to the Jesus bloodline, which included numerous musicians and high-pitched singers and has been traced to Douglas, on the Isle of Wight, where the Gibbs were born."

Smitebent is using the photo (above right) as proof that the Gibb family's resemblance to Jesus is undeniable. Not only that, but the author writes that the Catholic Church knows about the Gibb-family connection and it was secretly behind the negotiations that got the Bee Gees their assignment to score Saturday Night Fever.

"The church," writes Smitebent in the book to be released around Easter, 2007, "wanted to support the theme that Saturday night was for sinners, so that Sunday would attract more people to church."

In another part of the book, the author claims that Vatican insiders comically referred to the group as the Bee Jeesuses and that the phrase "bejesus" comes directly from the connection.

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