Friday, April 28, 2006


Feed facts

Thanks again to Dusty Nathan for his expert-and-entertaining contributions to the April 27 program. Read one of Dusty's pieces on the Kentucky Derby, as mentioned on the program, by clicking here.

You can download that show or the RSS feed on the left of this blog. As well, download the mp3 and feed or stream the show at the Podomatic site.

Thanks to all who are finding the program through Podomatic. The podcast of the show has almost 600 feed retrievals (podAmigo, iTunes, etc...) as of this writing, since March 29. Downloads and new subscriber numbers near 100.

Over the weekend, don't forget to check out the Digital Slob Pod.
And be ready for the May 4 show by perusing the Alan Watts site. His son, Mark Watts, is our guest on the next broadcast. More about that as next week ensues.

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