Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Coming apart at the theme

Deconstructing the program ...
In response to inquiries, here is the next in a series of annotations relating to our broadcast/podcast.

The opening-and-closing theme of Cotolo Chronicles is a production of a turn-of-the-century German composition titled Bahn Frei.

It was composed by Eduard Straus (pictured), a brother of Johann Straus III, known as the "Waltz King."

Bahn Frei is translated to English as "clear the track" or "clear the road," which is more of a warning than a statement.

It is technically a polka, however, it fits better in a sub-genre of polkas, called "galops."

Cotolo Chronicles is not the first radio show to use Eduard's piece as a theme. Diehard radio fans can explore radio-program history to find out where else Bahn Frei was used.

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