Thursday, March 30, 2006


They meet again

Curt Brandao and Frank Cotolo have been seen in public together many times, as witnessed from the picture on the right, when the two men testified against poor wages for soldiers fighting in the Spanish-American War. Meetings of the pair have always been controversial and on March 30, when they meet on Cotolo Chronicles, there is bound to be another ripple in the controversy stream from the clashing of two minds that one critic said, "have powder-keg opinions that blow up in people's faces and have been known to cause scars."

Certainly their wardrobe alone is enough to get people talking and it is highly possible, according to bookmakers in Nevada, that the two men will be wearing clothing from that wardrobe while on the air.

But, also, members, associates and authorities from the National Humor Institute (NHI) said recently that the NHI, often mistaken for the New Hampshire Institute of something, would transcribe the conversation and make it available to foreign governments for review, even without translating it.

So, don't miss this program, another landmark in alternative-broadcasting history and a good reason to begin a broad understanding of bandwidth.

It starts at 9 p.m. EST in the United States. You can tune in on my stream from Shoutcast -- and/or ...
Listen live, to, at:
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