Friday, March 10, 2006


Tag, you're it!

And now, some backdraft information. It is recommended that you listen to the March 9 edition of Cotolo Chronicles before checking the links below.

The references made in any one program are munificent and many people have asked we annotate them. Time does not allow us to annotate them all but the innovative use of "tags" now gives us a quicker way to keep everyone in touch with the text of a talk-show content.

Consider a tag like a footnote in a book or a booknote on a foot. All you do is click on the linked words in the blog text and presto, you are sent to a page at Technorati where a list of texts and pictures relate to the word. Try it below. From now on, in cooperation with Technorati, our blog will link people, places and things in the text. The scope of our references, however, even boggle the servers of Technorati, so some links will go elsewhere. Still, for those caring to investigate the subjects, hit the link and you are taken to the large and bountiful Technorati library or the endless pit that is the Internet.

From the March 9 program (download on the left, RSS feed on the left, rebroadcast stations listed in yesterday's text), let's annotate.

Buddah Boy recently spontaneously combusted.
We endearingly call the Pope, who now has an iPod and loves it, "Eggs Benedict." Britain's High Court is buzzing with a case of copyright infringement, but Ian Fleming, who created James Bond, did not sue Donald Hamilton, who wrote 27 books featuring a character that stepped into the spy genre.
Hamilton's character is called Matt Helm. DreamWorks has optioned the Helm books for a movie. Two actors played Matt Helm in movies and on TV. Dean Martin and Tony Franciosa. Those two actors also played in a move together before they were involved in the Helm projects. That movie was called Career. Hamilton always wanted Richard Boone (pictured) to play Matt Helm. Boone starred in Have Gun Will Travel.
The scope of the internet and indie performers has expanded to video at YouTube.

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