Friday, March 31, 2006


Not a sound policy

As per the subject on the March 30 program, we do not support the policy of The Podcast Bunker, a web site that claims to be about "podcast quality, not quantity." However, its definition of "quality" appears to ignore content for the sake of technical prowess.

If you go to the "submit podcast" page, you will read this: "If you're a Podcaster feel free to let us know about your Podcast. We review each Podcast before it is listed. We have high standards for Podcast that are listed at the Podcast Bunker. Clean Audio is our first rule, if your Podcast has poor quality Audio, we most likely won't list it. If your content is interesting and your audio is high quality, sure we will add it and be more than glad to list your Podcast at The Podcast Bunker."

Aside from the poor writing in general, we cannot support a focus on technical quality over content. This policy is podcast snobbery, which does not serve the artistic community and ignores what could be terrific content for the sake of having to sound like a commercial vehicle. There are some great independent podcasts listed, but the fact that they are only able to share space on the web site due to "clean audio" is a dirty shame.

Internet broadcasting, which is akin to the rise of the podcast, must remain a stage open for anyone who is able to produce a product, no matter the quality. The Podcast Bunker has the right to restrict listings, of course, but should not be immune to the critics who understand alternative broadcasting is a theater more devoted to personal expression than the technical standards.

I agree fully. The "sound quality" of podcasting content has nothing to do with the material itself. It's like saying you don't like the donut because it has a chocolate icing. Sorry, but I'm Canadian.
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