Friday, March 03, 2006


News from the Hallelujah Trail

Here are some links that lead to items that are all related to life on the Hallelujah Trail.

More on 'Converrrrrrgence'
You heard the term first on Cotolo Chronicles, now it gets major press.

An old favorite web site about the joy of surrender
Suports the old adage, 'When all else fails, so will you.'

Keep watching the skies!
As we presented on the March 2 program (feed and download to the left), UFOs are really getting to be a hot subject again.

Online music-pricing probe
What? Mp3 files overpriced? Downloading controversy?

Kiddie porn on iPod
It was only a matter of time for the iPerverts to surface.

I am the seal, not the walrus
Maybe I am not amazed.

Madonna awaits the Messiah and world's end
Everyone has to have a hobby.

(Pictured, ancient drawing of the Jewish Messiah sitting on a throne; author unknown)

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