Wednesday, March 08, 2006


In the Nick of time

The Blogger office called me the other day. A top official said, "Your numbers are down."
"Yes, I know," I said. "We have had some sort of a dip."
"Yeah, the numbers were increasing, you know, getting larger? And then, they started to dip."
"They certainly are down," he said, sternly. "This puts you in danger of losing this page."
"What? How can that be? There are blogs no one reads. Have you notified them?"
"How can we? We don't read them."
"What do you suggest I do?"
"Get better numbers. Promote more. I see you have added Google ads. That's a positive sign."
"It's selling out is what it is," I said, with the voice sounding a bit like the late Nick Adams, but, of course, before he died.
"Didn't Nick Adams commit suicide?" asked the Blogger man.
"I believe so."

Then he hung up. I had no idea that keeping a page at Blogger would mean keeping large numbers of page views or visits. I still cannot tell the difference between a view and a visit. Life is growing more complicated at a time when I should be more concerned about a financial advisor. After all, I am from a generation so unique, that it needs a unique financial plan.

Still, I intend to present another edition of Cotolo Chronicles, the program/podcast, on March 9, seven days before the ides. And, of course, that is the name of my new book. Seven Days Before The Ides goes on sale next week. Come by your local Bookbusters store and greet me as I sign copies of that book and any other book you hand me.

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