Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Everybody's talkin'

True Talk Radio (TTR) is running our program daily from its headquarters in the Great White North. Thanks to Howard Silbiger for his courageous decision.

Cotolo Chronicles airs Monday through Friday, from 1-3 p.m. Howard will offer "a bunch of old episodes and rotate them. When a new one comes out it will get priority, airing for at least three days in the week."

The station title is dead on. TTR is all-around talk and that is a brave format for an Internet station to have in this day and age. Howard has his own show on the station and there is a talented and varied cast of characters with programs that define the term "true talk."

Among the shows are Counterspin, which provides a critical examination of major news stories every week and exposes what the mainstream media might miss in their coverage. And there is another Frank talking on Frank Talks, an interview program featuring people of various and particular lifestyles.

For a complete schedule listing, click here.

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