Friday, March 17, 2006


Beauty anaesthetizes

Ok, lets kill the myth that 'all Hollywood women were/are glamorous'...
Why? Monroe went under the surgeons knife many times - as did some of the other considerd 'greats'... dude.. it might not have been silicon, but is IS all artificial!!
What you see as beauty, others see as 'a great piece of surgical achievement'. Think about all these so-called people BEFORE they hit the big time, with their blemishes and little facial problems that only a surgeons knife could fix.
I can't stand it. If you can't take a person for who and what they are and what they are inside........

by the way.. have you seen just how many operation scars show up on films released in hi-definition?
WOOOOOOOOOOW! It beggars belief!
botox and surgery can't be hidden on hi-definition!!!!!!
Just thank your lucky stars that was the 1950's and a little vaseline on the lens hid the worst of it all at best.
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