Tuesday, March 28, 2006


All things must post

On this date a few decades ago, Beatles-member George Harrison wrote some thing. Not his famous original tune, Something, just some thing. We are sure of it. But mostly, the late, great musician's words about writing songs ring especially true today.

Thanks to my good friend Daniel, who provided the image above (photo by Daniel), we can once again read Mr. Harrison's words that, in essence, are far more important than his lyrics. In this case, however, his words are lyrical. They support the continuing journey down the Hallelujah Trail.

{The lake in the photo is the San Luis Reservoir, which is located near Monterey. It's a collection reservoir for water that is sent to southern California . In that journey the water is pumped over the mountains down by Bakersfield, recently in the news due to the death of hometown-hero Buck Owens}

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