Thursday, February 23, 2006


Your show of shows within a show of shows

Our Feb. 23 program presents a special redux of a show broadcast in 2003. Years before podcasts and before many internet radio stations existed, no less streamed music and talk shows, Ampcast was ahead of its time in the web broadcast arena.

Cotolo Chronicles always had the spunk and wry that now makes it a popular broadcast and podcast, but back then it was only live. And, there were times, like on this broadcast, when we had more than just my mug in the mix. Kristen Cotolo and Larry Michelich took part in many of the programs that came directly from Ampcast in the pioneer days of web broadcasting. Unedited and uncensored, we hobbled down the Hallelujah Trail with our beverages of choice, talking news, information and insubordination, with a twist on conversation, as no one else could or would at the time.

For all the newer listeners of the program, in any form, I will start off the show in the manner all are now acquainted (we had no theme in those days but I have inserted a theme under the last 2 minutes of the old show) and then I will hand the program over to the past. That past is testamony to a show that paved the road to the podcast revolution. Cotolo Chronicles is to podcasts what silent movies were to digital projection. When the 2003 show aired live, this show was the only fish of its kind in a big and somewhat empty sea.

This live Feb. 23 show, with historic input, airs at 9 p.m. EST.

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