Monday, February 13, 2006


Welcome to America

A series done in 2005 for a SRN Radio in Canada begins as a new podcast today. Dummy's Guide to the U.S. is a welcome wagon of words for people visiting the great nation of America. I am happy to be the host of the series, now available in an RSS feed in our left-hand link column. The mp3 is also there. There are a few episodes in the series, all brief, and over the next month or so each will be available.

Gnoh Productions is presenting the first audio interpretation of the work-in-progress web novel, The Complete and Unabridged History of Japan. The pieces are narrated by Phillip Hong, who claims the entire adventure will be audio-serialized no matter how long it winds up to be. On Feb. 13, part 547 was posted at Indie Journal Daily. You can download, stream or get the RSS feeds for the individual parts at Archive dot org.

Volume I, Parts 1-5

Volume I, Parts 6-10

Volume I, Parts 11-15

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