Sunday, February 26, 2006


Week start

It's Sunday, and that means we have to begin the week with a startling news story ...

GRANTVILLE, Pa. -- Maybe it was bound to happen but it couldn't have happened at a better time. Just as the bloom is coming off the rose of web logs (blogs), so it is that the Internet is running out of space for blogs. A recent Gallup poll shows that 9 percent said they regularly read blogs and 66 percent said they never read them. The other 25 percent involved in the poll answered "None of the above."

There are 28,699,999 blogs (28.7 million if you count this one) online now but it is believed that the numbers cannot go beyond 29 million, due to technical glitches unforeseen when the blog was created. Still, it may not matter since blog readership, according to one study, is tanking quicker than one can say, "Smell ship and spread the turkey wings." Gallup pollsters, all neatly dressed, claim "the growth in the number of U.S. blog readers was somewhere between nil and negative" during 2005.

Is there any danger to the Internet if blogs go beyond their limit? "Yes," says Buckminster Fuller, the late, great futurist and global thinker. "If I was alive, I would build a nuke-proof dome to live under in case the Internet explodes." But, others who are living, disagree.

Will it matter, then, if the blog pool is full? Some say it is predicted in the Bible that the blog "will go asunder," even though those who believe this have no clue about the word "asunder." Others see this as just the beginning of the end. For if the room on the web is gone for blogs, how much longer will it be before MySpace puts up the "Out of Space" sign?

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