Sunday, February 19, 2006


A rare sermon

I rarely, if ever (come to think of it, I never) write a blog on Sunday. But today is different, today I am inspired, I am ready to share my sermon of inspiration.

Walking outdoors on this bitter-cold day, I went about my daily chores of caring for the fowl. This always means getting the dirty birds water, tossing them food scraps and sprinkling some corn and pellets around their coop. The water from yesterday had turned to ice and I thought to myself about the prophet who told his followers, "Be warm in your heart and your water will never turn so hard as to be fit for a cocktail." Indeed, my heart was fine but my hands were feeling the bite of winter, and like Peter O'Toole as the Lion in the same season, my dexterity waned.

Waning dexterity reminded me that no matter how difficult tasks may be due to the circumstances, still one must complete them, if only to realize how one can do such tasks when dexterity is waning. I thought to myself about the prophet who told his followers, "When it wanes, it pours."

So on I went, brittle fingers and all, even though my digits were numbing.

The numbing of digits reminded me of that part of The Good Book where Jaundice says to Faulting, "Why are your digits so numb when the Lord hast made you so many?" To which Faulting responded, "It's frikkin' cold out here or haven't you noticed, Mr. Furry Gloves on!"

On my way back to the warm and secure enclosure I like to think of as my home, I was enlightened by the inspiration one can receive from the simplest of daily chores. And I was sure that the rest of the day would bring me lessons of tender mercy, whisperings of willows, the sound and the fury, the shadow of you smile and the faith that we all need to have when it comes to finding peace within ourselves. "For once," as Lupus said to the soldier, "I tried to find peace in someone else, but as I see from the loaded gun you have pointed at my head, it is not going to matter where I try to find it now."

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