Friday, February 03, 2006


Bowling for fans

I now turn the blog over to my sports persona, Spooky Forces.

One of the media's and America's biggest days looms boldly. It will be Super Bowl Sunday and that means the world to many, many people. So, I devote part of today's blog to the Super Bowl, 2006.

The Pittsburghs are playing the Seattles and there are many reasons to back both of these teams. You see, unless you are bias in a Super Bowl, the experience lessens. So, you have to pick a team to love and make the other team your worst nightmare. It is a problem in 2006 because the Pittsburghs are as wonderful a team as the Seattles, even though the miles between the two team's homes are in the thousands.

The Pittsburghs are an old team and a team that has already won a Super Bowl. They get the nostalgia vote. The Seattles are a team new by comparison and they have never played in a Super Bowl. They get the underdog vote. But the Pittsburghs were underdogs to make it to this Super Bowl, so the underdog vote goes back to them. But the Seattles are named (Seahawks) after a great Errol Flynn movie, so they get the movie fans' vote.

The Pittsburghs have three rivers in their home town, so they get the aqua vote. The Seattles' home town has Pike's Market, a volcano and is the place where Starbucks began, so those three votes put the Seattles even. To break this tie is difficult to break. If you live in either of those cities, you are probably going to back that city's team. Makes sense. But only so many people can have it that easy. Those of us who do not live in either of those cities have to come up with a good reason to back either team.

Now, my predicition. I feel that since it is impossible to back only one team, the score will be Pittsburghs 40, Seattle 40, resulting in the first tie in Super Bowl history.

Spooky Forces ... hmmm, any relation to Armed Forces?
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