Friday, January 06, 2006


Technology flowing like wine

Hardware! Sooooooftware. And wine.

Sounds like I am going to go intellectual on you, eh? Chubby chance of that. Besides, all of this talk about convergence is not academic. The central idea behind convergence is supposed to appeal to the mainstream. Convergence is for the least common denominator.

So don't laugh when you begin to want a contraption that does everything you can imagine on a digital level. Just remember that you will be craving convergence and that is going to be normal.

Anything created for the good of mankind eventually finds itself being put to a commercial test. Life-and-death matters always turn into advertisements. Then the whole picture becomes cloudy.


If you don't have a page on MySpace dot com, go and get one and begin the square dance. This web site is the biggest thing to come along since Mario Lanza's autobiography revealed his love for oral sex. My Space dot com is community convergence and 50-million strong. As the French say, "Eat feces. Can 50 million flies be wrong?"

Red wine.

Lombardiwine dot com writes, "Crafted from California's hottest red wine varietals, Rosso is blended to capture the finest qualities of each varietal. From ripe berry, currant and spicy aromas and flavors to dark fruit and mocha layers on the finish this wine is enjoyable on its own or as a perfect accompaniment to hearty pastas or seasonal barbecues. The backbone of Rosso is old-vine Zinfandel, America's heritage grape. Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon are sourced from the Monterey and Paso Robles areas for their specific regional qualities. Syrah provides deep color and suppleness, with flavors of black fruit and sweet mocha; Cabernet Sauvignon imparts abundant aromas and dark currant flavors. Rosso has aromas of currants, engaging dark fruit and spicy clove. The chosen blend provides for a core of dense blackberries, plum and rich mocha flavors, with a finish of sweet vanilla from French oak aging. Rosso is a culmination of blending all the right elements to produce a serious wine at an everyday price."

A wine that is a blend of wines?


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