Friday, January 27, 2006


The next sounds you hear ...

Some notes on subjects on the Jan. 26 program (now available for download on left, just below RSS feed).

The term "deaf and dumb" has a long and storied history. It was part of the conversation's atmosphere on the Jan. 26 live show. Deaf and dumb (or even just dumb) is an archaic term. No doubt, deaf people have been incorrectly assumed to be mentally deficient just because they do not speak. By the way, on the program I called my deaf friend Anthony. However, a good night's sleep and I remembered his real name. It was Kenny.

My mention Ernest Norman's book, The Truth About Mars, has already sparked some inquiries. We are going to attempt to get someone from the Unarius Education Foundation to speak with us on a 2006 show. So be ready for a program that would make my old boss, Long John Nebel, proud of me. I will be playing some old Long John Nebel on-air tracks on a future show, also. Those of you into the strange and the supernatural should be aware of Mr. Nebel, a radio legend (pictured above in his incarnation as an auctioneer).

Also, remember to check into Digial Slob's podcast. Curt Brandao is only one more letter from having the same name as Marlon. That is special.

Finally, happy birthday to everyone who once had eggs shoved down their throats and now must live with Lipitor (link is not meant as an advertisement, just as reference).

Wake up, it's night!

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