Friday, January 13, 2006


It's a mystery to me ...

Everyone loves a quiz, no less a trivial quiz. And these days, nothing strikes a person's fancy like a good show business trivia quiz. So, here's one to chew upon for a day or two. Not that it is tough and needs a lot of gnawing. Indeed, anyone familiar with movies, television, stage and radio should have no problem answering the following multiple-choice questions. When you answer, drop the information into an email and send it to

1. Which of the following people never portrayed the character of Dr. Watson in a public performance of a Sherlock Holmes drama?
a) Robert Duvall
b) Nigel Bruce
c) Frank Cotolo
d) Phillip Gageborough

2. Pick the actor who played the Range Rider.
a) Guy Madison
b) Jock Mahoney
c) Clayton Moore
d) Richard Carlson

3. Which member of the cast of the original King Kong whistles the song St. Louis Blues when he or she is on Skull Island?
a) Ann Darrow
b) Jack Driscoll
c) Carl Denham
d) Capt. Englehorn

4. Which of the following titles with the word "stagecoach" it it was not a movie?
a) Stagecoach Kid
b) Stagecoach Romance
c) The Phantom Stagecoach
d) Stagecoach to Fury

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