Monday, January 30, 2006


Dog year afternoon

The Chinese New Year falls between Jan. 21 and Feb. 19. To be exact, it's Jan. 29. This is the first week of the Chinese New Year, which is 4532 or something. Even some Chinese have lost count.

This year is the Year of the Dog. Due to that theme, a ban on eating dogs will take place in China until another animal takes the dog's place next year, which is 4567 or something.

In China, the new year is celebrated with weeks of preparation. Families gather to honor their ancestors with colorful parades, each generally featuring a huge silk dragon, firecrackers and banging gongs. There are also gonging bangs.

China is the oldest continuous civilization on earth and today, China is the fastest growing economic force on the planet and maybe on other planets too (it's hard to compare when we do not have the statistics for economic forces on other planets).

People born in the Year of the Dog are said to possess the best traits of human nature, including the ability to lap large amounts of water from a bowl. They have a deep sense of loyalty but they are selfish, stubborn and eccentric. And the males pee on trees a lot. They care little for wealth and can be cold and distant at parties and camping trips. They can find fault with many things, specifically the command to "sit." However, they make good leaders, especially on sleds.

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone.

HI there Frank!

I know you don't often respond to messages left on your blog, but I'm hoping you reply to this.
How does it feel being the last broadcaster on ampcast?

I've had my fun with Ampcast, but as the severs have been letting me down at weekends when I've needed them, I decided to go elsewhere as the emails of complaint I was getting, I had to react and respond accordingly. I can only hope that the server is up for your show tonight (Thursday)and I will be listening as per usual - there's going to be something about Ampcast thats not going to leave me. Ok, call me sentimental, but it's where I started - I won't forget that.
I'm also moving on to bigger and better things which, with all the luck in the world, you can be a participant in in some way. I don't want to lose that contact.
You don't just have the best show on ampcast any more, you have the ONLY show!
Make the most of it while ya can :-)
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