Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Tree's company


Wood, according to Wikipedia, derives from woody plants, notably trees but also shrubs. Wood from the latter is only produced in small sizes, reducing the diversity of uses. Wood is a hygroscopic, cellular and anisotropic material. Dry wood is composed of fibers of cellulose (40%–50%) and hemicellulose (20%–30%) held together by lignin (25%–30%). Wood is the xylem tissue of the plant.

What a talented woodsman can do with the xylem tissue of the plant is best expressed at Specialty Carpentry. I make this personal endorsement and urge you to go to the website so that you can get some ideas of what you want to have. Because everyone wants to have something made of wood, something that no one else can claim.

Also, visit their eBay store by clicking here.

Speaking of wood, check out the CD called Hunting. Never before in one CD has there been a menu of songs with lyrics referring to wood than in this fine collection. The poetry of wood, the xlem as a metaphor and an allegory, is presented in full regalia. It makes a great Christmas gift and you can even give it to someone for New Year, establishing an entirely new custom.

erm.. ok.. wood... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight...
did wookwork at college for three years as an escape and nothing else.. made far too many things - toilet roll holder, footstool and dressing table in the bedroom get regular use. The playhouse I made is in use at a local nursery... cos it was too damned big to carry home and nobody had a roof-rack on their car big enough to accomodate it...
Done some wood turning too - I seriously recommend it as it's all too easy to get carried away by it all and lose yourself... ah yeah, made 2 new ashtray stands.. cos I had two ashtray stands that kept falling apart and only a little turning could save them...
ehhh yeah... wood and woodwork...
good hobby if you need the furniture...
helps somehow for when you get one of those stupid self-assembly kits and instruction sheets either in Engrish or totally in either japanese or chinese...
(I built our computer desk from a kit with no instruction sheet.. and a power screwdriver)
I got two large timber saws in the bathroom... they're there cos there's no room anywhere else... so, to make guests feel nervous.. I tell them that they're there for emergencies.. best part is... it never fails HAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!
then again.. being the only female in a room full of old men sanding down and revarnishing old wooden things from home or spending the entire course reducing a large tree stump to something no bigger than a match as a replacement stair newel... NAH! :-)
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