Monday, December 05, 2005


My time and my space

I have decided to put a drop of water into the ocean. That is, I started an account at My Space dot com. Alas, I am not looking for friends or cyber relationships of any kind. I am looking for one more place to alert anyone that our show exists. Yes, it is a free billboard that might do nothing but cannot hurt anything.

Certainly the craze over this site has sent ripples over the Internet. The last figure tossed about, concerning the sign-ups on the site, was 40 million. Even if this is wrong by 50-percent, the beast cannot be ignored. For the purposes of promoting this show, having a presence there, and using all of its tools (for free) is just a matter of investing some more sweat equity.

If you join or if you are already a member, connect your space to my space at . And this exclusive club will endure.

Breaking news --
"If we find out that he's lying, he and the rest of them are going to jail."
Click here for an update on Buddha boy, as of 2:45 p.m., EST.

Taken from my account on

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wow... is EVERYBODY on there?! Thats the whole planet plus a few little green aliens, isn't it?!
wow.. I wonder if there is life... out... there...
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