Monday, December 12, 2005


More notes from the underground

Due to our continued growth in readership, we will try to update our blog daily. Check in each day and tell your friends and enemies we are here ... thanks.

Maybe it is just me, though I doubt it and would be frightened to know it is only me, I still find the Pornolizer web site a roar. Now available in seven languages (how many can you speak, no less do you know vile language?), the Pornolizer is a crack-up and a great standby view when things around me become to thick and sick. Just type in the URL to any website and watch what happens. Yes, rated X …

Vic Mendoza, a DJ now enjoying success at Krush Radio, one of our former affiliates, has a jam-packed web site for modern musicians at VM Underground. Vic keeps the indie scene honest with interviews and attitudes.

Paul Williams and his greatest hits of the 20th century continue to generate the think tanks of a generation or two. If you have your own list, send it to me at and I will get it to Paul. Find out more about the lists and buy his book on the subject by clicking here. Paul will be a guest again on our program in early 2006.

A great web site that we are using for a resource to get future guests is Brian’s Drive-in Theater. A scad of information on beautiful Grade B movies and their stars over the decades, this site keeps a movie buff busy for hours. Brian’s mailbox is very often full, so be patient if you email him.

pornolizer????! thats just the best 'thing to do when you've done everything else' thing to do when you've done everything else!!

I'm surprised you've never mentioned it in the dressing room hour of your show... which you should.. it has me in near hysterics (depending on what URL has been chosen for the purpose of the hilarity)

Rock on Frank!

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