Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Glitch rebound in progress

Maybe you heard a large explosion over the Internet this holiday weekend. If you did, you should know it was probably the sound of our home-studio digital network. Software went to splinters and zeroes and ones shot out and bounced off of every wall. No one was injured but we were rendered disconnected and continue to be off line until Dec. 29.

Then, we will do everything we can to present our annual Role Call From The Bone Garden program. So hang in there as we bring the computers up again, shine the new hard disks, download the new software and come to you with sparkling new equipment.

Thanks to our support group for getting this announcement onto the Internet.

See you all soon ...

Thats one reason why I upgraded a couple of summers ago to XP and was lucky enough to give my poor old pc a brand new lease of life. That said, it's not a computer that one can use to broadcast from as the processor power is regarded now as being somewhat 'pathetic'. You (like me) need a new computer. I wouldn't worry too much about using a newer brand of Windows because I'll be honest here and say that XP actually is a lot easier - and you can make it look like your current Windows so you don't lose that feel of 'familiarity' (I'm an ex Win-Me person).
Computers have never been so cheap and right now is as good a time as any to back up any data you're going to need onto cd and yourself a new machine and herald the new year on something thats going to wipe the floor with your old one (and keeping the old one isn't a bad idea - handy as a mass storage utility and for keeping off the net for other purposes)
Thing is, if you're not running XP by the summer, you're going to be stuck in more ways than you want to know about as Micro$oft is withdrawing support - which means you'll probably have to upgrade your old compy, buy a new one, invest in a home network and share data between the two systems for want of an easier life.
As for our computers, I use mine for things I want to do, need to do and am in the process of doing. We would network... but thats just not a possibility at the moment - although, it is being considered and thought about - especially as the main computer is prone to crashing and the other older and much slower computer just sits there and slowly does as it's told and does it.
Really, you're going to have to consider all this and although you're not so technically gifted as some, you have the ability to learn and amaze yourself in ways you'd never realise.
2006 is the year when (after jury service) I will be doing heaps of stuff for local radio - with the intention and plan of helping to run a local community radio station that *might* just get to go online... we shall see... first things first... I'm going to do a course on 'vox pops' with one station - but I use a slightly more advanced version of the software they say they use - and once things start moving around here as regards redevelopment, I'll be a major part of that - recording in many ways the events unfolding on my doorstep... and you know what the best part is in all this? I release a DVD in 2007 and I also get myself a dream job doing what I know and love the best. So, you see.. it's one thing saying you can't learn and another amazing yourself and even more so astounding when people realise what power and potential you have based on what you know and what you can do and then offering you a position that no other person anywhere else possesses.
All because I changed operating system and allowed myself to challenge me for what I know.
I'll be fair in saying that it's taken a few years, but it's how I've managed what I have in that few years thats got me to where I am (the people I'm talking about ARE slow on the uptake!!!)
So, even with the demise of ampcast, it's not a sad time at all, even though it is. Think about what I've said Frank, I wouldn't say what I have otherwise. I'm rather hoping to grab a couple of interviews with people and air it all on my show before Jim shuts the gates and hurls the gate key into the briny.
There's a lot to do here - I'm going to be using a friends server for the purpose of continuing to broadcast once that awful day has dawned.
Just one last little thing Frank... I was tinkering around with the Frank Soundboard the other day... it was something you said around the time of the Ampcasthon about ampcast.com
"Six years it's been my baby. It's been my baby right from the beginning"
Abi...I agree whole heartly
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