Wednesday, November 02, 2005


'Thank you for the days ...'

Let’s take a look at some of the celebratory days of November as we slide quickly through the end of 2005.

Nov. 2 is Plan Your Epitaph Day
At one time, this was Burl Ives’ busiest personal-appearance day. With Burl dead, we are left with the sound advice that no one else can write our epitaph, so start working on it now. Better late than never, so to speak.

Nov. 3 is a Cotolo Chronicles day
Some great topics are covered on the first of four Thursday shows this month. No guest is scheduled, but the menu is filled with news, information and insubordination that you won’t learn about anywhere in cyberspace or podworld.

Nov. 6 is Saxophone Day and Marooned Without A Compass Day
The first one is easy, we celebrate saxophones. The second one is more complex since there are also celebrations for being marooned with a compass, without a soccer ball, with a gal who speaks another language and loves sarongs and with a politically incorrect character named after a day of the week. Phew. Just blow your horn and forget it.

Nov. 10 is a Cotolo Chronicles day
A guest pending, it is another episode of what one reviewer said, “really is the best out there.”

Nov. 12 is National Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day
Here, there is much interpretation about what “The Works” might be and why anchovies never became part of them. Violence can erupt again, as it does every year, as members of both camps clash in parades and Pizza Huts across the country.

Nov. 17 is a Cotolo Chronicles day
Maybe everything you hold to be true is a lie? Ever think of that? We talk with Barry Meadow, a man who takes skepticism to a high level of consciousness and makes debunking a high art.

Nov. 19 is Have A Bad Day Day
A portion of the American people, regardless of their positive public demeanor and religious fervor, is sick of denying the days that just suck. Here is a chance for them to sing and dance about being down.

Nov. 24 is Thanksgiving Day and a Cotolo Chronicles day
Eat, drink and be merry, for at 9 p.m. EST, you will get more than you can digest

Nov. 30 is Stay At Home Because You're Well Day
The practice of calling in well is not common in the U.S. In many other countries, however, it is accepted and people often use being well as an excuse not to go to work on a specific day. These countries have an understanding of human nature not yet reached in America, where people are well but say they aren’t in order not to go to work. This holiday was created to change the consciousness of American labor so that the forces of management can understand that a well person deserves a sick day now and then, especially since when a person is actually sick, he or she has a hard time enjoying the time off.

P.S.> There is a prize for anyone who can identify the author of the title of today's blog. If you think you know, email me at and include your address in case you are correct. We will send you a prize. Don't drool, it ain't much, but it is free.

November the 1th is 'Injure and already injured knee day' (see weblog for details)

5th November - bonfire night - and fireworks aplenty! now in it's 400th year! (I'll be the one cowering in a corner btw, I like them, they're pretty, but loud noises make me jumpy...)and our towns own display can be viewed on the college webcam. Look through google for 'Stockport College Webcam' and you need to find the bit of land behind the town centre clock (not the town hall one!) easy - go watch and enjoy that on Friday :-D

6th November is 'my good friend Howie does a bonfire night concert thats gonna kick ass in more ways than one' night. I swear, there's nothing finer on bonfire night being sat there with some treacle toffee, some parkin, roast chestnuts and jacket potatoes piled high with cheese or bolognese.
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