Friday, November 25, 2005



It was a plentiful feast on Thanksgiving and a fine program that night. However, the program recorder misfired, leaving no archive for Nov. 24. Unless you recorded the program on your own, this one is history, kaput, banished to bongoland.

We apologize to affiliates and podcast fans, not that we think the Earth's axis is in peril of losing its tender balance due to our absence. You know it ain't that tender a balance anyways . However, be with us on Dec. 1, live or for affiliate rebroadcasts, as we have met the problem head on and expect it will not affect us, you or the axis next time.

Affiliates may be playing a rerun this weekend or just giving the show's slot a rest. It's their call. Whatever, we look forward to being there for you fresh and fiery on Dec. 1.

And, we will be back here with updates on Monday.

uhm.. if you're using the same thing we're using to broadcast (the sam encoder) there's a neat function that actually records. This is how I record without fail, every edition of Audio Coffee each week. Try it. You don't lose nothing, only your sanity and some affiliates re-run :-p
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