Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Nonsense, sense and similarities

Our Oct. 31 post’s response comes from Ross Karchner. He knows why there is prosaic gibberish on spam ads for watches and other products.

“The random junk at the bottom of spam,” he says, “is meant to fool spam-detection software. Even if it isn't coherent [to the reader], it might be enough to trick a computer program into thinking it is a real message and not just an advertisement.”

Thanks, Ross. Check out his blog here.

Welcome to November. There are four Thursdays this month, so there are four C-Chronicles this month. Guests are pending and you know how mysterious a pending guest can be. So return here daily to look for announcements about guests on these four shows.

Also, if you want to do some downloading of past shows, start now because it is almost the end of the year and that means clearing the decks of our 2005 shows. Not 2,005 shows, but the shows from the year 2005. Click here to look through the library.

And click here to add your November vote for C-Chronicles at Podcast Alley.

And also, by the way, Jiggy Jaguar returns to the airwaves Nov. 5. Terrific timing because that is Guy Fawks Day in Great Britain and the idea of burning a Jiggy dummy in effigy is appealing. We don't mean to question Jig's patriotism, but there are certain thematic similarities to this notorious figure and our hero, the Jigmeister. So check him out most of the same places you check us out.

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