Monday, November 07, 2005


Mail call!

Good new week to you all. As we asked on our most recent program, we need your help.

When you have a chance, just a few minutes, please answer the following questions and email us at … We are making a bold-and-sweeping attempt to find out some common things about our audience. We thought of making a strong-and-solid attempt, but settled on a bold-and-sweeping attempt for obvious reasons.

Here are the questions we need you to answer in your email to us. Since you know yourself better than anyone, this should take no time at all for you to do and we thank you in advance.

What is your age?
What is your sex?
Where do you live?
Name two or so major interests you pursue.
What do you do for a living?
How often do you listen to our show?

There, you see? It is less painful than an inoculation. In the long run, as much as we love short runs, this information (totally private) will help us make our show better for you, the individual. Please help us out, then and thank you again, in advance.

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