Friday, October 07, 2005


Weekend follies

Thanks to John Ingram and Neil Weiser for making the Oct. 6 show work despite a number of technical difficulties attributed to kinky software. Listen to John Ingram’s groundbreaking soundscape program, NTNS Radio, by clicking here.

Now, a quick sports report …
How about those Yanks?
How about those Cards?
How about those Braves?
How about those ChiSox?
Oh yes, in case you haven’t noticed or cared, pro ice hockey is back in action. The world of dentistry applauds.

This weekend …

Don’t be a shmuck, take a chicken. And go download the Henry Morgan and The High Grass BoysLive from Stony Creek concert by clicking here. For your computer, your iPod or burn a CD, free. Catch up, because the next “Morgan” concert event and CD are in the works.

Catch up on the history of Japan, now in its 500th chapter, at Indie Journal Daily. This epic novel is being published on the ‘net before it becomes a high-priced book with a fancy cover.

And visit Maurice the Rug.

See ya next week.

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